One of the toughest parts of starting a business or successfully running it is keeping the overheads low. 
It’s often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first year.  This is primarily due to the high overhead costs.  

UAE also suffered from the same statistics but with Serviced Offices and Sustainability Desks called Istadamas, this problem has been addressed and solved.  

What is a Serviced Office?  

A serviced office ,which are also referred to as managed offices, flexible offices, executive suites or executive centers, is fully equipped Office Facility managed by a Business Center. Companies offering serviced offices are generally able to offer more flexible rental terms, as opposed to a conventional leased office which may require furnishing, equipment, and more restrictive leases. Space is normally flexible, allowing for additional space to be allocated at short notice, should the size of an individual business change. Serviced office providers often allow tenants to share reception services, business machines and other resources, providing reduced costs and access to equipment which may otherwise be unaffordable. 


In order to have a Serviced Office as the Official Business Address in Dubai, it is mandatory for that serviced office to be minimum 200ft2 and having an Ejari. If a Business Centre cannot provide an Ejari, then that serviced office cannot be the official registered address on the Trade License.   


Below is a Comparative Study of a Serviced Office and a Conventional Office:  


Monthly Rent   AED 3,500/- (Small Office not prime location)  AED 3,500/- (Prime Location on Sheikh Zayed Rd.) 
Receptionist / Secretary   AED 2,500/-   INCLUDED  
Telephone with Internet   AED 1,100/-   INCLUDED 
Furniture & Furnishing   AED 1,500/-   INCLUDED  
Electricity   AED    300/-  INCLUDED 
Printer   AED    200/-   INCLUDED  
Maintenance   AED    500/-  INCLUDED 
TOTAL MONTHLY   AED 9,600/-   AED 3,500/-  
TOTAL ANNUAL   AED 115,200/-   AED 42,000/-  



Furthermore, a serviced office comes fully fitted with the Office Furniture. All that is needed is PLUG n PLAY concept where you bring your Laptop and start workingThis becomes a daunting task when it comes to the Conventional Office. First one needs to get the DEWA and ETISALAT Connections and then get the interiors done. Then recruit for a Secretary and buy all the basic Office Automation Equipment. By the time a start-up gets all these things they have spent far more than was anticipated.  

The right serviced office and the right Business Centre is of paramount importance.   

Biz City Offers superfast Internet with all amenities for clients to PLUG n PLAY and have a seamless operation of Business. Our flexibility of prices based on services offered make us unique and most cost effective.  

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