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Biz City membership grants you access to our open coworking spaces, facilitating connections with fellow professionalswhile fostering an environment conducive to creativity.

Within our vibrant and inspirational coworking areas, you can unlock your creative potential, engage with like-mindedindividuals in your industry, and cultivate the expansion of your business.

In addition to our shared workspaces, this membership provides you with the flexibility to utilize a wide range of modernfacilities, including conference rooms, event spaces, and meeting rooms. 

Choose Your Membership

NOTE: Student membership is applicable for Bachelor, Master's, PhD, and full-time diploma students only. Please provide your Student ID card for verification before purchasing.

Shared Facilities

Meeting Spaces

These adaptable rooms can be configured to accommodate team gatherings,meetings, video conferences, or presentations, whether in-person or virtual.

Onsite Support

Backed by years of operational expertise and service-oriented backgrounds, ourCommunity team is readily available to ensure the seamless operation of your office.

Distinctive Common Areas

At the heart of our locations, these inviting, living-room-style workspaces are carefullycrafted to inspire creativity, offer comfort, and enhance productivity.

Soundproof Booths

Our soundproof booths provide a peaceful environment for confidential phoneconversations, brief video calls, or a momentary respite from distractions.

Professional and Social Gatherings

Our Community Team regularly organizes a variety of events, including networkingsessions, educational lunch & learns, and other enjoyable activities designed to adda touch of entertainment to your day.

Cleaning Solutions

Regular cleaning sessions adhere to advanced cleaning procedures and includecomplimentary sanitizing products.

Essential Business Amenities

Rapid Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect effortlessly through hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, complete with ITsupport and guest log-in capabilities.

Professional Printing Services

Each floor is equipped with its dedicated area housing a business-grade printer,office essentials, and a paper shredder.

Endless Coffee and Tea

Maintain your concentration with unrestricted access to complimentary coffee andtea.

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